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Enabling an Industry to Empower Patients
The CAQH Endpoint Directory simplifies how healthcare organizations and developers share endpoints. A source of truth, Endpoint Directory automates processes, supports compliance, and expands access for members.

Industrywide participation:

of CMS covered lives are represented by Endpoints in the directory.
payers have searchable information uploaded
endpoints listed and available

Making Connections

Recent CMS regulations require health plans to make information available to application developers with the ultimate goal of giving members new ways to access their own health information.  It also requires plans to make information available to other plans so members can take their information with them when they change coverage.


The CAQH Endpoint Directory Solution is a single, industry-wide resource that enables plans and app developers to advance this important initiative. In addition to providing essential endpoint information in a single location, the directory also verifies the identity of payer and app participants, confirms the privacy policies of each, and provides other information to give all parties the confidence they need to connect and exchange data.