Improve the accuracy of your pharmacy claim payments 

COB Smart® for Pharmacy extends all the features you enjoy with COB Smart for your medical membership to your pharmacy membership. It will help you identify primary and secondary coverage and determine primacy weekly, before claims are paid, to increase payment accuracy and reduce administrative costs associated with recovery.


  • Increase identification of new secondary COB coverage
  • Improve payment accuracy
  • Reduce costs from member canvassing, claim reprocessing, data validation and recovery
  • Automate manual processes
  • Improve provider and member satisfaction by expediting eligibility and claims processes

How It Works: 

  • Offers the only national commercial and state database for member eligibility data updated weekly
  • Pharmacy-to-pharmacy overlaps validated
  • New coverage overlaps delivered to you every Monday
  • COB Smart portal facilitates member research, plan-to-plan inquiries and tracking for faster COB resolution

Proven Results: 

COB Smart for Pharmacy Brag Stats_8-18-22

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