Take the Frustration out of Updating Directories

Patients want to know your practice locations, whether you are accepting new patients, and if their insurance will be accepted. Use CAQH ProView to make sure your patients get correct directory information. 

Did you know that the information you enter into CAQH ProView is used by many health plans to update their directories?

Keep your directory information up-to-date in CAQH ProView. 

Each time there is a change to your directory information, simply update your CAQH ProView profile, review your CAQH ProView 'Directory Snapshot' and instantly share changes with multiple health plans. You can easily make and share changes at any time. Be sure to ask your network health plans to use CAQH ProView to update their directories.

Why maintain your directory information in CAQH ProView?

  • The CAQH ProView 'Directory Snapshot' makes it easy to review and update directory changes at any time.
  • Use a single process to share directory changes with multiple health plans.
  • Reduce the number of requests you are receiving for directory information from your network health plans.
  • Leverage your CAQH ProView profile to simplify directory maintenance, not just credentialing.
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