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The business of healthcare in the United States can and should be simpler, less burdensome and, perhaps most of all, less costly. One study projected administrative costs to reach $315 billion by...
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After reporting mixed or only marginal gains for several years, how much progress did the 2017 CAQH Index find in the healthcare industry transition to electronic administrative transactions? Join...
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The hub of an efficient primary source verification (PSV) process is automation.  However, for many health plans, mechanizing data extraction, evaluation, and categorization may be delayed due to...
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Let's talk CAQH ProView! Visit booth #1918.
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Stop by our booth to learn about the CAQH-ADA Alliance. Booth number TBA.
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Our team will be stationed at booth #50. Come visit!
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Interested in learning more about CAQH CORE or CAQH Solutions? Visit us at booth #708.  Want to hear about the latest in provider data research? Come to our breakfast session on Thursday, June 21,...
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The WEDI National Conference will feature two CAQH presentations: 2017 CAQH Index®: A Report of Industry Progress towards Adoption of Electronic Transactions and Cost Savings, Reid Kiser (CAQH CORE...
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CAQH CORE will be presenting on the CAQH Index®  and the value of CAQH CORE Operating Rules to the dental industry. Check out the presentation on May 1st from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Full agenda here.
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Interoperability challenges are a pressing problem across healthcare. For those implementing value-based payment models, they are greatly magnified. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (...