1. How should the X12 270/271 transactions be tracked throughout a system/application to demonstrate conformance with the response time requirements specified in the CAQH CORE 156 Rule?

The CAQH CORE Response Time Rules (CAQH CORE 155 & 156 Rules) require HIPAA covered entities to capture, log, audit, match, and report the date, time, and control numbers from their own internal systems, and corresponding data received from their trading partners. The auditing requirement is included so that each entity will have the log of data to be used to resolve any issues or concerns.

2. What happens when a real time response is not received within the required 20-second window?

The CAQH CORE 270: Connectivity Rule requires that the connection remain open for 60 seconds to accommodate any potentially delayed responses. In the event that a specific real time response message is not received within the 20-second window, the requirements described in CAQH CORE 270 Rule, Section 4.3.6, Response, Timeout and Retransmission Requirements, would apply.

3. When does the 20-second real time requirement for response time described in the CAQH CORE 156 Rule begin and end? Does the 20-second interval include all hops between trading partners?

The 20-second requirement described in the CAQH CORE 156 and 250 Rules is the duration for the entire round-trip of the transaction. The 20 seconds begin when the X12 270 Inquiry or X12 276 Request is first submitted, and ends when the X12 271 Response or X12 277 Response is delivered to the provider. All ensuing hops are included in these 20 seconds.

4. What is the minimum information from the X12 transaction that needs to be stored? Can the standard provide a recommendation for this data?

CAQH CORE does not specify a minimum. However, to uniquely identify an X12 transmission, CAQH CORE recommends that entities store the ISA06, ISA08, ISA13, GS02, GS03, GS06, ST02, TRN02, and if sent in the transaction, the BHT03.

5. If a CORE-certified information source is communicating with a non-CORE-certified information receiver, does the CORE-certified entity have to respond within the response time window?