A Physician’s Perspective on the Value of Operating Rules


For more than 20 years, CAQH CORE Operating rules have played a critical role in streamlining the business of healthcare for stakeholders across the industry–including health plans, government entities, trade associations and vendors.  

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Marilyn Heine, MD, as we take a closer look into the value these operating rules can create for providers.

CORE Town Hall

Healthcare Automation & Policy

Join industry leaders for an engaging discussion about CAQH CORE’s efforts to accelerate interoperability in healthcare.

In this virtual town hall, attendees will:

  • Learn how CORE initiatives impacted the industry in 2023 
  • Review the organization’s priorities for next year
  • Receive the latest updates on federal policy and NCVHS recommendation
  • Examine critical factors driving CORE Operating Rule development 


Diving Deeper: Eligibility & Benefit Transactions and Operating Rules

We’re picking up our high-level discussion around eligibility and benefits in part two of our exploration into X12 270/271 transaction and related CAQH CORE Operating Rules. Part two of our webinar series will cover:

  • Understanding generic and explicit inquiries
  • Support for procedure code in the 270/271 transactions
  • Improving the use of AAA Error Codes


NCVHS Rule Recommendations Roundup

Recently, NCVHS recommended a set of CORE Operating Rules to HHS for federal adoption. Join Bob Bowman and Erin Weber to learn more about these rules and the impact they will have on the healthcare industry.

During this webinar attendees will:
  • Receive an overview of how operating rules can become federally mandated
  • Gain a better understanding of the recommended rules
  • Learn the benefits these rules bring to the industry