Two Million Healthcare Providers Trust CAQH Solutions to Securely and Seamlessly Exchange Professional Information with Health Plans and Other Organizations

CAQH today announced that now more than two million healthcare practitioners use its provider data management solutions to enter, update and verify professional and practice information and securely share it with the organizations that they authorize.  Because this information is entered by providers themselves, verified with authoritative and primary sources and validated using advanced data science, it is an unmatched resource for credentialing, directory and network management and other functions essential to our healthcare system.

Additional Medical Documentation/Attachments

CAQH CORE: Delivering Value through Electronic Healthcare Attachments

Attachments refer to the exchange of patient-specific medical information or supplemental documentation to support an administrative healthcare transaction and are a bridge between clinical and administrative data. However, the attachments workflow remains primarily manual and immensely burdensome. The main pain point often cited among industry is a lack of mandated attachments standards.

Priority Topics


As the national operating rule author, CAQH CORE strives to improve the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of industry-driven business transactions by working on priority topics.


Health Care Claims 

Every day, millions of health care claims are transacted between providers, vendors and payers. Providers across the country have been equipped to manage electronic transmission of the X12N 837 for decades, and for just as long, providers have been burdened with the need to manage unique payer requirements.