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Accurate provider data is critical to improving quality, costs and healthcare delivery. Healthcare provider data forms the foundation of many important processes in the nation’s healthcare system. This information is necessary to conduct a number of essential functions, such as referring a patient to a specialist, paying insurance claims, determining provider sanctions and credentialing providers.

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CAQH is a non-profit alliance of health plans and trade associations, developing and leading initiatives that positively impact the business of healthcare. Consider how joining CAQH may be the right career choice for you.

Press Release 06/30/17

CAQH has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2017 by Modern Healthcare magazine. The organization achieved this honor for the second year in a row.

Press Release 06/14/17

A cross-section of healthcare leaders has begun work on a wide-ranging effort to improve the accuracy of provider data for both industry stakeholders and patients. Convened by the non-profit alliance CAQH, the Provider Data Action Alliance will develop a roadmap that articulates a vision and actionable strategies for obtaining and sharing better information. 

Provider Data Management

The suite of provider data management solutions by CAQH ensures that health plans have the high-quality provider information needed for a range of business uses including credentialing, directories, sanctions monitoring and EFT/ERA enrollment.   

Developed in collaboration with health plans and providers, CAQH Solutions improve data accuracy, reduce administrative burden and costs, streamline businesses processes and mitigate compliance risks.

2016 CAQH Index Report 01/12/17

Reducing Manual Business Transactions Could Save Healthcare $9.4 Billion

The fourth annual CAQH Index measures adoption, costs and, for the first time, provider labor time associated with the most common administrative transactions conducted between health plans and providers. These include verifying a patient’s insurance coverage, sending and receiving payment, inquiring about the status of a claim and obtaining prior authorization for care.

CORE Certification

Learn about the goals and benefits of the CORE Certification program.

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In this webinar, Kaiser Permanente and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) share their perspectives on how they have overcome COB challenges and are now "getting it right the first time." 

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Phase IV Operating Rules Adoption

CAQH CORE, on behalf of the CAQH CORE Board, submitted a letter to the Secretary of HHS in response to the NCVHS recommendation on adoption of the Phase IV Operating Rules.

EnrollHub, a CAQH Solution

 Streamline EFT and ERA enrollments.

Press Release 04/04/17

CAQH announced the launch of a new electronic solution, VeriFide, that streamlines primary source verification of the healthcare provider information required for health plan credentialing decisions. VeriFide will immediately improve the quality, speed and integrity of provider data sent to health plans as part of the credentialing process.