CAQH Program

Introduction to CORE Certification

Becoming CORE certified enables an organization to demonstrate that its systems and products conform with applicable operating rules and are prepared for potential audits. CAQH CORE awards Certification Seals to entities that create, transmit or use the healthcare administrative, clinical and financial transactions.


CORE-certified entities help to accelerate health IT adoption by encouraging certification and full automation across their trading partners, among other measures. Implementation of the operating rules and underlying standards improve industry productivity, dramatically cut administrative costs and advance interoperability initiatives.


If you are a health plan, provider, clearinghouse or vendor interested in information related to the CORE Certification please click below to learn more.

CORE Endorser Seal

Organizations that do not directly implement the operating rules can demonstrate their support for CAQH CORE’s mission, collaborative industry approach and administrative simplification objectives by applying for and using the CORE Endorser Seal. Please refer to the CORE Endorser Seal: Application Process page for further information.


Endorser organizations who receive the seal support the goals of the initiative and bring value to their members, customers, clients and patients through their knowledge of and commitment to efficient healthcare data exchange.

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