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The source of truth.
More than 2 million healthcare practitioners enter, verify and update professional information in the CAQH Provider Data Portal. Because this information comes from the source – the providers themselves – it is the most accurate and complete resource of its kind.

A Complete Credentialing Solution

The nation’s providers and health plans trust CAQH to collect and manage professional information, verify primary sources and monitor for sanctions. This cohesive solution streamlines administration, enhances regulatory compliance and enables plans to accurately and continuously credential their networks now and into the future.

providers have a complete profile
confirmed directory profiles
health plans participating in directory management
accuracy for PSV profiles

How can Provider Data work for you?

Read cases studies and issue briefs to learn more about how you can get the most out of Provider Data for Credentialing, Directory Management and more.

Directory Management and Improvement

The CAQH directory management solutions leverage the data practitioners already enter in the provider data management platform to eliminate redundant processes and improve the accuracy and timeliness of provider directories. This solution enables organizations to meet the latest federal requirements, including the No Surprises Act. 

Data solutions

CAQH custom data solutions help healthcare organizations analyze and improve provider networks, provide members more detailed and accurate information about practitioners, reduce administrative costs and operate more efficiently.