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Custom Data Solutions

We show health plans, state agencies and other organizations how to leverage CAQH data resources to improve business processes, such as directory, network and payment integrity programs.

Helping Payers Find Answers in the Data

CAQH works with health plans, state agencies and other organizations to leverage data to address and improve upon existing processes, such as provider directories, provider data management systems, payment integrity and third-party liability initiatives. 

We enable plans to:

  • Do more with their own data
  • Deliver additional data that adds value
  • Or help analyze their data and obtain actionable insights

The result is improved health equity, network adequacy, referral management, member matching, data quality and more. We are focused on creating solutions that deliver the greatest insights – from descriptive analytics that show what has happened to prescriptive analytics, which show how to make something happen.


Raise overall data quality


Identify valuable supplemental data

Group 4

Evaluate ongoing quality initiatives

Harnessing a Unique Resource to Deliver Powerful Results

The CAQH data platform has been designed to securely and uniquely support exceptional data quality, sophisticated analytics and targeted insights to support customer’s needs.

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