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Transforming payment integrity with member data.

With up-to-date coverage for more than 236 million members in the centralized CAQH Member Data Portal, CAQH helps healthcare payers improve payment integrity, streamline operations and pay claims correctly the first time.

Better decisions through better data

The CAQH Member Data Portal is a one-of-a-kind resource providing data for over 236 million members to healthcare payers that results in actionable insights and improves coordination of benefits, eligibility determinations, services and operations.

236 M+

Lives included in the CAQH Member Data Portal of coverage information

100 %

Of national health plans contribute member data to the CAQH Member Data Portal

80 %

Of all insured lives in the US are included in the CAQH Member Data Portal


Payment Integrity

Every year, health plans lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to erroneous payments and ineffective recovery programs.  CAQH is helping public and commercial payers exchange accurate and up-to-date coverage data and overcome this challenge. 

Medicaid Solutions

CAQH Member Data Solutions help Medicaid programs streamline eligibility and redetermination, improve enrollee services, automate operations and lower costs.



CAQH custom Member Data Solutions enable healthcare payers and provider organizations to improve forecasting, streamline administrative processes and enhance payment integrity.