CORE Certification: Best Practices for Success

March 26, 2020 | 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM EDT

Register for this webinar to understand how pursuing CORE Certification can ensure your alignment with the CAQH CORE Operating Rules, many of which are federally mandated. Highlights will include:


  • Understand the benefits of pursuing CORE Certification for your organization, including efficiencies gained and conformance assurance given current federal government compliance efforts.
  • Learn about the four easy steps to achieve CORE Certification and the implementation support resources included with the program.
  • Hear about ongoing program features available to CORE-certified organizations, such as real-time review and interpretation guidance in the event of a compliance audit.
  • Hear about the latest updates to CORE Certification to ensure continued value to the industry including recertification and plans to transition from phased-based operating rules to rule sets organized by business transaction.
  • Get an interactive multimedia demonstration of the most common CORE Certification hurdles and how to overcome them with ease.
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