Current Initiatives for CAQH CORE Participants

CAQH CORE Participating Organizations help ensure that operating rules continue to meet evolving business needs, by engaging in the rule development process and maintenance of existing operating rules. Work groups are open to all CAQH CORE Participating Organizations, and multiple individuals from the same Participating Organization may join. Because each organization has only one vote, participants collaborate with their colleagues to submit an organizational-level response during voting periods. 

Below is a list of CAQH CORE work groups that currently convene or are upcoming as well as initiatives that are underway. In addition to contributing to these work groups and initiatives, as well as the formal CAQH CORE voting process, Participating Organizations benefit from exclusive education content and research opportunities.



Current Objectives



Eligibility & Benefits Task Group Rule Development Update the Eligibility & Benefits Data Content Rule to address emerging industry needs (such as support more STC codes, tiered benefits, procedure-level, # of remaining visits/services, telemedicine).

Meg Soccorso Cigna

Molly Reese AMA

Nora Illuri athenahealth

Donna Campbell HCSC


Monthly, adjourning September 2021

Pilot & Measurement Initiative

Prior Authorization & Attachments; Quality Measures Reporting

Work with other CORE Participating Organizations and CAQH to measure the impact of potential operating rules and corresponding standards on entities’ efficiency metrics.



Advanced EOB Advisory Group Guidance Development

Charged with developing guidance document illustrating how industry can meet Advanced EOB requirements in the No Surprises Act, leveraging uniform framework and industry standards, with a focus on the exchange of Good Faith Estimates. Recommendations from the guidance documents could be developed into operating rules in the future.



Meets monthly through Fall 2021

Review Work Group (RWG) Rule Development Following the conclusion of the Attachments Subgroups, the RWG will further review and refine both Draft Attachments Operating Rule Sets to ensure uniformity and cohesion across use cases. Additionally the RWG will review the Draft Eligibility and Benefits Data Content Rule Update prior to the launch of the Final CAQH CORE Vote. TBD Launching Q3, Meeting Monthly through Q4

CORE Code Combinations Task Group

Rule Maintenance

Ensure compliance with the base standard code lists – CARCs and RARCs. Conduct annual industry survey to collect suggestions for potential market-driven adjustments to code combinations.

Shannon Baber UW Medicine          Nathan Fisk Change Healthcare        Lynn Franco  UnitedHealth Group  Heather Morgan  Aetna

Once every 2-3 months, for a total of 6 times a year

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