CAQH Endpoint Directory

A national source of truth for validated FHIR endpoints and third-party apps

The CAQH Endpoint Directory is a centralized directory that securely publishes validated FHIR endpoints, simplifying how healthcare organizations and third-party apps find and share endpoint information. A national source of truth, the CAQH Endpoint Directory reduces the administrative burden for users by automating manual processes and enables compliance with federal regulations.

CAQH Endpoint Directory Benefits:

  • Allows payers to share information about endpoints, including capability statement imports. Simplifies and automates manual processes.
  • Allows payers and third-party apps to query payer endpoints for multiple use cases.
  • Validates identity of payer and third-party app participants.
  • Facilitates connection requests between parties.
  • Confirms privacy and security attestations and/or privacy policy, data use agreements.
  • Ensures conformance testing and validation of FHIR endpoints and the ability to work with endpoints.
  • Allows third-party apps to upload information about themselves to make available to payers.

How it works:

Endpoint Directory Infographic

The CAQH Endpoint Directory requires privacy and security attestations and data use agreement reviews. Conformance testing and validation of FHIR endpoints ensures that data can easily be shared between parties and is secure. By connecting health plans and third-party apps, consumers will have more avenues to securely obtain their health information allowing them to inform choices about their care, help facilitate coordinated care and gain a better understanding of their costs. 

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