CAQH ProView

Timely, high-quality provider data for credentialing, network directories, and more.

CAQH ProView®, the trusted source and industry standard for self-reported provider data, is used by more than 1.6 million healthcare providers. CAQH ProView continues to be the premier credentialing tool, but can now also be used by participating organizations for network directories, claims processing, quality assurance, emergency response, member services and more.


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  • Streamlined credentialing 
  • Improved network provider directories 
  • Efficient claims processing and adjudication
  • Simplified demographic and professional provider data administration processes
  • Helpful roster management and reporting tools


How CAQH ProView Works

  • User-friendly layout
  • Oversee your provider data with roster and reporting tools
  • Fully electronic, eliminating the need for paper forms, faxing and mailing
  • Real-time system validation reduces incorrect data entry, increasing data quality and decreasing delays in data processing
  • Access to more provider profile information, including additional types of provider relationships (e.g. non-participating and delegated providers) and ownership disclosure 


Proven Results

CAQH ProView Proven Results

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