How does CAQH ProView for Groups benefit delegated provider groups?

CAQH ProView for Groups enables delegated provider groups to submit a single roster, check it for accuracy and share it with all their health plans in a secure and easy-to-use web portal. Automated workflows notify health plans when new data is available and eliminate the need to prepare and send interim change reports. Delegated groups can see when each plan has downloaded the file. This solution is available to groups at no cost to them.

How can our delegated provider group access CAQH ProView for Groups? 

Designate a group administrator and register here. The group administrator will act as the primary user of CAQH ProView for Groups. 

How do I create or update my group roster? 

Log in to your account and download the CAQH Provider template and insert your provider data. Next, download the Practice Locations template and insert your group data. Once your templates are complete, upload your files. Your templates will be checked for errors. If errors are found, you will be able to see and resolve any inaccuracies using the auto-generated error report. Once your files are uploaded, you may assign providers to the locations where they practice.

Do provider groups need to submit different rosters for each health plan?

No, delegated groups only need to submit one roster for all participating health plans. 

Who can access my group roster data?

Group administrators can authorize which health plans have roster access, and the standardized roster format ensures each heath plan only receives plan-specific roster data.

How do I share my roster with health plans? Which plans are participating?

Login to CAQH ProView for Groups, then search for participating plans and authorize (or de-authorize) which health plans have roster access. Your authorized health plans will be automatically notified when your new roster data is available, eliminating the need for you to send and track emails and attachments.

How do health plans know when new roster data has been added?

Authorized health plans automatically receive an email notification when new provider data is submitted and can download it on-demand. Roster history is tracked and recorded, eliminating the need to exchange acknowledgements and status checks by email and telephone.

Does it cost anything to use CAQH ProView for Groups?

There is no charge for delegated groups to use CAQH ProView for Groups. 

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