COB Smart

Pay claims correctly the first time

COB Smart® identifies primary and secondary coverage and determines primacy weekly, before claims are paid, to increase payment accuracy and reduce administrative costs associated with recovery.



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  • Increase identification of new secondary COB coverage
  • Improved payment accuracy 
  • Reduce costs from member canvassing, claim reprocessing, data validation and recovery
  • Automate manual processes
  • Improve provider and member satisfaction by expediting eligibility and claims processes


How COB Smart Works

  • Offers the only national commercial and state database for member eligibility data updated weekly
  • Data from more than 45 health plans matched to identify overlapping coverage
  • Medical-to-medical overlaps validated with 99.5 percent accuracy
  • New coverage overlaps delivered to you every Monday
  • COB Smart portal facilitates member research, plan-to-plan inquires and tracking for faster COB resolution 


Toolkit: Take Your COB Process from Recovery to Prevention 

Focusing your COB process on early identification of overlapping coverage increases efficiency and cost savings. Download our toolkit to get a step-by-step guide to moving your COB process from "pay and chase" to prospective.


Proven Results

80:1 return on investment


Case Studies


COB Smart More than Doubles COB Rate of In-House Process

A regional Blue Cross / Blue Shield health plan raised its coordination of benefits (COB) rate from 4 percent to 9 percent, reduced the instances it paid primary and increased the instances it paid secondary on claims. Learn more


A Prospective Approach to Coordination of Benefits Yields $1.1 Billion in Savings

Learn how a large, highly regarded health plan serving states in the mid-Atlantic region streamlined COB processes and reduced spend on recovery vendors, saving more than $220 million annually. Keep reading

80:1 ROI

Large National Health Plan Achieves an 80:1 ROI with COB Smart

One of the nation's largest health plans decreased administrative costs by more than $4 million annually and increased medical cost savings for its commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Advantage business lines. Learn more


Premera BlueCross Improves Payment Integrity with COB Smart

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