COB Smart for Health Plans

Accurate Benefits Coordination. Get It Right the First Time Around.

Coordination of Benefits (COB) has proved challenging for the healthcare industry, resulting in delayed and inaccurate payments, appeals and significant recovery activities.

COB Smart is a forward-thinking solution that enables health plans and providers to correctly identify which members have benefits that should be coordinated. This way, corresponding claims are processed correctly the first time. Learn more about how your organization would benefit from COB Smart:

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How COB Smart Works

Participating health plans supply information to the registry each week, where it is compared with data from other health plans to identify patients with more than one type of coverage. Rules are applied to determine the correct order of primacy for benefit coverage. Relevant coverage information is then shared with each participating health plan and is also accessible to providers.

Why use COB Smart?

COB Smart streamlines benefit coordination for health plans, providers and patients. Timely and accurate COB information produced by COB Smart increases efficiency and helps reduce:

  • Administrative costs
  • Inaccurate payments
  • Member and provider call volumes
  • Claim rework
  • Dependency on overpayment and recovery vendors


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