Provider Directory Data Confirmation

There is a long-standing need to improve the quality of information within health plan provider directories. New market realities - including a wider range of consumer choices and lower-cost health plans with narrow provider networks - are adding to this need. Consumers want up-to-date information about the providers in their networks, and healthcare providers want easier ways to share this information with health plans. These realities have resulted in new Federal and state requirements for health plans to contact providers more frequently to maintain accurate provider directories.


DirectAssure®, a CAQH Solution®, eliminates the need for each health plan to contact every provider in their network to obtain timely, correct information.  Working in concert with CAQH ProView, DirectAssure enables healthcare providers to update and confirm their directory information in one place, where it can be shared with participating health plans.  

Developed in collaboration with CAQH member health plans, DirectAssure reduces the burden on healthcare providers and health plans alike, eliminating redundant outreach and increasing directory accuracy.

A fully electronic solution, DirectAssure:

  • Reduces administrative costs and inconvenience for health plans and providers.
  • Enables the more than 1.4 million providers participating in CAQH ProView to easily review and update their self-reported professional data for use in health plan directories.
  • Helps plans increase the accuracy of their directories.
  • Improves the ability for patients to make more informed decisions about their care based on up-to-date provider information.
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