Better provider directories with less effort

Developed in collaboration with CAQH member health plans, DirectAssure® helps healthcare organizations improve the accuracy of provider directories and meet Federal and state requirements, including the No Surprises Act (NSA). 

Through the solution, practitioners update their directory information once and share it with the participating health plans authorized to receive the data. DirectAssure’s multilayered, bi-directional data validation approach ensures high data accuracy and quality, while reducing the need for direct health plan outreach to providers. This saves time and expense for both plans and providers. 

DirectAssure also offers functionality for health plans with delegated arrangements. Through the solution, health plans will receive consolidated, up-to-date provider practice location information that was confirmed by the group.


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How it Works

  • Providers update their directory information in CAQH ProView once to share it with all health plans authorized to receive the data.
  • For health plans with delegated relationships, the provider group will collect the directory information, upload it into DirectAssure where it will automatically route to health plans designated to receive the information.
  • The solution portal allows plans to initiate the directory improvement process, chart progress and review practice information including plan participation, affiliation status, office hours, and view rosters on demand 24-hours a day.
  • Easily generate compliance reports.



  • Increased directory accuracy. 
  • Timely provider outreach and reporting to meet state and Federal requirements including the NSA. 
  • Functionality for plans with delegated arrangements. 
  • Reduced administrative costs. 


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