EnrollHub for Healthcare Providers

The old way to participate in electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA) required providers to enroll with each individual payer. With EnrollHub, providers (including dentists) have a secure, online solution that enables them to enroll in electronic payments with multiple payers, eliminating redundant paper forms and saving administrative time and costs. When you update your electronic payment information, the changes are shared automatically with your selected payer partners. Online access 24/7 enables you to easily make changes at any time, ensuring your health or dental plan records have up-to-date information in real-time.


  • Eliminates the need to complete a separate form for each payer.
  • Combines enrollment capabilities for EFT and ERA into a single web-based form.
  • Enables direct deposit of payments to your bank account.
  • Saves time from administrative processing of paper checks.
  • Speeds payment from payers to improve accounts receivable aging.
CAQH is here to help.
Need help getting started? Check out this user guide designed for providers signing up for EnrollHub. A dedicated CAQH help center also can assist providers with questions or problems.
No cost to providers.
CAQH offers EnrollHub access to providers free of charge. Join thousands of providers who are already realizing how easy it is to improve revenue cycle management and get claims paid faster.

How to get started.
Getting started with EnrollHub is easy. Please have the following information available as you complete the application:

  • NPI number.
  • Tax ID number.
  • Bank account information – routing and account number.
  • Electronic image of a voided check. Helpful hint: You can take a photo of a voided check with your phone or use a scanner.

Have additional questions? Check out our Help Getting Started guide. 

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