Provider Directory Data Confirmation for Providers and Practice Managers

CAQH Is Making It Easier for Providers to Update Their Information for Provider Directories

There is now an easier way for health plans and healthcare providers to meet new federal and state requirements for improving the accuracy of provider directories. To reduce the burden associated with redundant requests that providers and practice managers would otherwise receive to regularly update this information, CAQH has developed a streamlined process to review, update and confirm the required data within the regular CAQH ProView re-attestation.  

Using the self-reported information within CAQH ProView, the Provider Directory Snapshot displays to providers a subset of their profile information needed to update provider directories.

Providers will receive a special quarterly email from CAQH alerting them to access and review the data in their Provider Directory Snapshot within CAQH ProView.  Providers need only update their data in one place; that data is then made available in real time to all participating health plans designated by the provider. There is no charge to providers to participate.

Benefits to Providers and Practice Managers

  • Maintaining accurate provider directory information can help improve patient service and satisfaction.
  • Using CAQH ProView and the Provider Directory Snapshot to update and confirm directory information reduces administrative burden and saves costs.
  • A number of national health plans have begun to leverage this provider information within CAQH ProView to meet the new provider directory regulatory requirements.
  • CAQH anticipates the number of participating health plans will significantly increase, reducing the number of times provider practices will receive directory requests from individual plans.
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