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Streamlining the Business of Healthcare
CAQH technology-enabled solutions, operating rules and research help healthcare organizations connect, exchange information and operate more efficiently.

How we do it


CAQH solutions deliver accurate and timely data on 2 million providers and 250 million members to improve healthcare administration and reduce paperwork burdens.

CAQH CORE operating rules make the exchange of data across healthcare automated, efficient and secure.

CAQH Insights identifies opportunities to streamline business practices and measure the impact of a more automated healthcare system.

CAQH at a Glance

2 million providers

enter, update, verify and share professional and practice information with the healthcare organizations they choose through CAQH

1000+ healthcare organizations

participate in CAQH Solutions

200 million members

served by health plans that coordinate benefits through CAQH to improve payment accuracy

The CAQH Index Report

The 2022 Index – the 10th anniversary of this landmark research initiative – revealed that United States healthcare system spent $60 billion conducting nine common administrative transactions last year, an increase of roughly $18 billion over the previous year. 

Latest News

February 09, 2023
Introduction and Opportunity
February 09, 2023
Customization is often seen as a luxury--a product or solution that is tailor-made to fit one's exact needs. When it comes to customization in the business of healthcare, customization can be counterproductive.
November 03, 2022
As the current and immediate past Chairs of the CAQH CORE Board, we are excited to discuss the operating rule package currently under consideration for federal mandate. Below we will review the path to federal mandate, the proposed rules, and what to expect next.