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5 Opportunities to Fix Attachments

The healthcare industry has made significant progress in adopting electronic transactions for common business practices. However, the lack of a standard for attachments has contributed to cumbersome processes for exchanging patient-specific medical information and supplemental documentation.

A new CAQH CORE white paper, which summarizes insights from more than 250 healthcare organizations, identifies five opportunity areas to move the industry toward the electronic exchange of attachments:

  1. Workflows
  2. Data Variability
  3. Exchange Mechanisms
  4. Connectivity, Security and Infrastructure
  5. Utilities

While this white paper is an important first step, CAQH CORE is also committed to educating the industry on these findings. This year, CAQH CORE will launch work groups to identify potential opportunity areas for operating rules that can support the streamlined exchange of attachments across healthcare.

Read the full white paper, “CAQH CORE Report on Attachments: A Bridge to a Fully Automated Future.”