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CAQH CORE Comments on Administrative Burdens to HHS and CMS

In response to a request for information (RFI) from HHS and CMS, CAQH CORE submitted comments on “Reducing Administrative Burden to Put Patients over Paperwork,” an initiative to focus the healthcare delivery system on patient-centered care, innovation and outcomes.

In the response, CAQH addressed:

  • Modification or streamlining of reporting requirements, documentation requirements or processes to monitor compliance to CMS rules and regulations.
  • Aligning Medicare, Medicaid and other payer coding, payment and documentation requirements and processes.
  • Enabling operational flexibility, feedback mechanisms and data sharing that would enhance patient care, support the clinician-patient relationship and facilitate individual preferences.
  • New recommendations regarding when and how CMS issues regulations and policies and how CMS can simplify rules and policies for beneficiaries, clinicians and providers.
  • Improving the accessibility and presentation of CMS requirements for quality reporting, coverage, documentation or prior authorization.
  • Simplifying beneficiary enrollment and eligibility determination across programs.

CAQH supports efforts to reduce administrative burden, increase healthcare efficiency and improve the patient-provider relationship. These comments were informed by the long-time collaboration the organization has with stakeholders across healthcare. Read the full response here.