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CAQH CORE Report Highlights Ways to Streamline Value-based Payment Operations

The U.S. healthcare economy is undergoing a transformation in how care is measured, billed and paid. Organizations around the country are shifting away from fee-for-service models that reimburse providers for the volume of care, and experimenting with value-based payment models, which align quality of care and cost controls with provider compensation. As value-based payment innovation continues, there are many threats to its progress, such as operational challenges.

Yesterday, CAQH CORE® released a report highlighting five industry opportunities to streamline value-based payment operations: data quality, interoperability, patient risk stratification, provider attribution and quality measurement.

The report offers strategies to address each opportunity area. It also recommends organizations that may be best suited to drive the strategies, which include pilot projects, greater information sharing, voluntary industry agreements and more industry education.

Join Dr. Susan Turney, CEO of Marshfield Clinic Health System, on April 10 for a webinar highlighting the report findings. Dr. Turney will also share her thoughts on how industry collaboration can establish more uniformity on operational issues and ensure a smooth transition to the value-based healthcare economy.

Read the full report here.

Register for the webinar here.