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CAQH Teams with the American Dental Association (ADA) to Simplify Credentialing Process for Dentists

In an effort to reduce administrative burdens for all dentists, the ADA and CAQH have formed a strategic alliance to help streamline the credentialing process for dentists, dental plans and employers. The ADA® credentialing service, powered by CAQH ProView®, enables dentists to enter their professional and practice information one time in an easy-to-use, fast and protected digital platform.

ADA is widely promoting this service to all U.S. practicing dentists, including its membership of 161,000 dentists. The number of dentists participating in CAQH ProView is expected to increase substantially, making it the leading industry source for dentists’ credentialing data.

Select information from a dentist’s My ADA account will automatically prepopulate their CAQH ProView profile, making it easier and quicker for the dentist to complete and attest. Dentists then grant permission to dental plans and other participating organizations they choose to access their data.

The information can be used not only for credentialing, but also for provider directories, network adequacy and other business needs. A number of dental payers already participate in CAQH ProView; view the full list at  

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