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Integrating User Feedback to Enhance CAQH ProView

More than 1.4 million healthcare providers currently enter and maintain a wide range of information within CAQH ProView®, the industry’s trusted electronic solution for capturing and sharing self-reported provider data. Providers and practice managers enter data free-of-charge into the secure central database and authorize healthcare organizations to access the information, eliminating redundant paperwork and reducing administrative burden. 

User feedback is crucial to drive innovation and enhance developing and existing features to optimize CAQH ProView. Various outreach activities are conducted throughout the year to ensure that ideas and suggestions from healthcare providers and health plans are integrated into the solution.

Input from users was integrated into recent updates, which now include features that make it easier for providers to enter information, as well as new requirements that help ensure greater accuracy of provider data. For example:

  • A live chat feature enables providers and practice managers to more easily obtain timely information from a support-desk representative. 
  • The implementation of the United States Postal Service standardized format helps confirm the accuracy of practice addresses.
  • Newly required information about practice liability insurance reduces the need for healthcare practices to receive redundant calls from health plans for this information.

In November, CAQH held a focus group at the Medical Group Management Association Annual Conference to collect feedback on the system. During the session, practice managers commented on how to modify the workflow design for easier data entry. The participants discussed the functionality and potential enhancements to the hospital affiliations section, as well as the process for entering practice locations and the nuances for defining “currently practicing” healthcare providers.

As part of a routine feedback loop, CAQH holds virtual meetings at least once a month with a range of users participating in each discussion. One-on-one phone calls with users who give feedback on upcoming enhancements are also held every few months, with the user deciding on the level of involvement and frequency of participation in the sessions. CAQH invites input to ensure CAQH ProView is meeting the needs of its users. To learn more, please contact Becca Sandler.