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New On-Demand Webinar: Keys to Improving Your Credentialing Process

The credentialing verification process in healthcare can be inefficient. Health plans often use manual processes to verify provider information, which can lead to errors and incomplete files. Delays in the process also contribute to long lead times before a provider can join a new network.

Opportunities to lower costs and increase file accuracy are a few reasons why health plans are exploring ways to improve their provider credentialing process and reduce administrative burdens.

In an on-demand webinar, Aetna discusses how they are tackling these challenges with the help of VeriFideTM, a new solution from CAQH. Integrated with CAQH ProView, Aetna explains how they are using VeriFide to streamline internal business processes and reduce provider abrasion.

VeriFide is an industry-wide solution that authenticates the accuracy and completeness of healthcare provider information to support credentialing decisions. The solution is improving the speed, integrity and quality of the verification process by eliminating overlapping, non-differentiating business processes. Over time, VeriFide will move the industry towards a single credentialing date for each provider, resulting in lower costs overall.

Learn how VeriFide can eliminate redundant administrative work and increase savings in credentialing verification. Download the webinar now