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Now Online: 2016 CAQH Annual Report

The newly available 2016 CAQH Annual Report outlines the many accomplishments of the organization that support its mission of streamlining the business of healthcare. For those who may only know CAQH through experiences with a specific solution or initiative, the report provides the opportunity to learn more about the full breadth of CAQH activities.

A few of the 2016 achievements include the launch of DirectAssure®, which enables health plans to improve the accuracy of their provider directories, and the development of VeriFide™, a ground-breaking primary source verification solution. Additionally, the work to encourage real-time, electronic business transactions continued with the development of a new certification test site for the Phase IV CAQH CORE Operating Rules.

In 2016, and continuing into 2017, CAQH also expanded the range and depth of expertise of its team members. This world-class workforce uniquely positions CAQH to develop actionable, collaborative solutions to long-term industry challenges.

Read the 2016 CAQH Annual Report.