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Streamlining the CAQH ProView Application Process

At CAQH, we continuously search for new ways to streamline administrative processes for providers, health plans and other participating organizations. To simplify how providers complete their initial profile, the CAQH ProView application will no longer require the Attestation Authorization and Releases (AARs) to be hand signed. Beginning immediately, we will also accept computer-generated signatures.

Please note, this change does not apply in the following thirteen states which continue to require wet signatures: CO, GA, IL, MA, MN, MS, NV, NC, OK, OR, TX, WA and WV.

This change, which conforms with NCQA requirements, will not only reduce the time and effort associated with completing the initial CAQH ProView profile, it will also result in far fewer rejections due to incomplete documents. This will help improve workflows for providers registering in CAQH ProView for the first time, as well as practice and group managers.

Please note that the AAR only needs to be uploaded to complete an initial profile. A new form is not required for reattestation, nor does the AAR need to be updated annually. Each time a provider reattests, the original AAR is stamped with the new date and the form is, in effect, “renewed."