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Transforming Customer Support: The CAQH Approach to Customer Service

Operations Support Team assists clients in call center.

By Charlene Harrison, Vice President of Operations, CAQH

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, delivering exceptional customer support is not just a service—it's a commitment to improving operational efficiencies across the healthcare ecosystem that can lead to better health outcomes. At CAQH, we are dedicated to making healthcare work better, and a significant part of that mission involves continuously improving how we support our customers and partners.

We know it’s essential to have a dynamic and responsive customer support team that serves as a valuable resource to our customers.


Key Elements of Industry-leading Customer Support


  1. Empowering Through Self-Service

One of the core components of our strategy is ongoing promotion and education about our self-service options. We understand that healthcare professionals often need quick access to information and resources outside of traditional business hours. Our comprehensive online knowledge base, CAQH University and FAQs are available 24/7, offering immediate answers to common questions and issues.


  1. Commitment to Speed and Efficiency

Our customer service model is designed to provide faster response times, ensuring our partners receive timely and efficient support. Whether dealing with technical issues, data inquiries, or service guidance, our commitment to speed and efficiency helps keep healthcare operations running smoothly.


  1. Simple Engagement Channels

In today’s modern healthcare environment, streamlined and intuitive support channels are a must. We offer multiple channels to ensure that connecting with us is as seamless as possible.


At CAQH, we are committed to delivering world-class service to our customers and partners. We aim to earn and maintain their trust by offering responsive and comprehensive support for our solutions.


By continuing to evaluate, evolve and enhance our processes, we aim to make every interaction more productive. This ultimately contributes to a more efficient and effective healthcare system.