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CAQH & ACAP Webinar: Unlock the Full Potential of COB Data

Are you getting the full value from your COB data? Coordination of Benefits (COB) data is a crucial part of determining primacy and paying claims accurately. However, utilizing and trusting the accuracy of COB data from multiple vendors can be costly and complex.
Join Jason Moseley, CAQH, and Shannon Turner, a senior leader from UPMC, as they discuss best practice recommendations and real-world examples to get the most out of COB data.
In this webinar, you'll learn:
· Tips to build an enterprise repository for COB data – to facilitate streamlined processing and data ingestion across the enterprise.
· The benefits of designing a tiered ingestion process – to prioritize high-value data usage first, reducing costs from TPL data providers.
· How to develop a quality assurance scorecard – to assess data quality from different third parties, leading to better outcomes for members.
· Why you should implement pre-pay business rules for cost avoidance – to focus on pre-pay claims instead of post-pay recovery.