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CAQH CORE and X12 Webinar Series: Diving into the 270/271 Transaction, Standard & Operating Rules

Join CAQH CORE and X12 on December 1st for our second joint webinar covering the 270/271 transaction, standard, and operating rules series. The 270 transaction set is used throughout the healthcare marketplace to transmit healthcare eligibility and benefit inquiries from health care providers, insurers, clearinghouses and other healthcare adjudication processors. Meanwhile, the 271 transaction set is the appropriate response mechanism for healthcare eligibility and benefit inquiries. The federally mandated CAQH CORE Eligibility & Benefits Operating Rules align with these transactions and help the industry more effectively implement and use the 270/271 transactions to determine a patient’s eligibility and benefits. In the first webinar of the series, we covered these topics at a high, introductory level (catch up here in case you missed it)! On the 1st, we will dive a bit deeper and will cover:

  1. Understanding generic and explicit inquiries
  2. Support for procedure code in the 270/271 transactions
  3. Improving the use of AAA Error Codes


  • Robert Bowman, Principal, CAQH CORE
  • Donna Campbell, Provider Portal and Provider Connectivity Manager, BCBS Illinois
  • Evert Ford, Product Manager, Optum