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CAQH CORE Participant Forum

CAQH CORE Participants are invited to join the CAQH CORE Board Chairs and leadership for a discussion on 2022 goals and priority initiatives. Topics covered will include:   

  • A review of the CAQH CORE Participant Survey findings.
  • A summary of 2021 accomplishments to date.
  • An overview and discussion related to 2022 CAQH CORE goals and priorities as set forth by the CAQH CORE Board and informed by the Participant Survey.

This call is open to CAQH CORE Participants only. Register for this Participant Forum to engage with CAQH CORE leadership and Board members. The forum offers an opportunity to provide input on how to best drive the industry towards fully digital business operations.

Our Speakers

Tim Kaja Senior Vice President, Optum Care at UnitedHealthcare and CAQH CORE Board Chair
Linda Reed 
Vice President and Chief Information Officer at St. Joseph’s Health and CAQH CORE Board Vice Chair