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CAQH CORE Participant-only Forum

CAQH CORE Participating Organizations are invited to join CAQH CORE leadership for a discussion on 2020 goals and priority initiatives. Topics covered will include:   

  • An update on the status of the new Phase IV Prior Authorization (278) Infrastructure Rule response timeframe requirements under review.
  • More detail on the process and scope for updating the CAQH CORE Connectivity requirements in 2020.
  • Next steps for prior authorization, attachments and value-based payment work efforts.
  • Plans to transition from phase-based operating rules to rule sets organized by business transaction to support ongoing maintenance and future requirements.
  • Updated CORE Certification policies to ensure the program continues to provide industry benefit.

Register for this Participant Forum to engage with CAQH CORE leadership and provide input on how to best drive the industry towards fully digital business operations.


This call is open to CAQH CORE Participants only. For any questions, please contact CAQH CORE staff at