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CAQH CORE Participant-only Webinar: ​ Prepare for Vote on Updates to Final Prior Authorization Determination Timeframes

Plan to Cast Your Vote: The CAQH CORE Phase IV Work Group recently passed a ballot approving updates to the Phase IV 278 Infrastructure Rule. The next step in the CAQH CORE voting process is the Final Vote. CAQH CORE Participating Organizations are invited to join the Phase IV Work Group Co-Chairs for a review of the draft updates to the Phase IV 278 Infrastructure Rule which focuses on establishing maximum response timeframes at key stages in the prior authorization process, including a timeframe for final determination. In addition, the Co-Chairs will walk through the CAQH CORE voting process, so you are ready to cast your vote on behalf of your organization. A Q&A portion at the end of the call will ensure all your questions can be addressed as you consider next steps in administrative efficiency.

This call is open to CAQH CORE Participants only. As a reminder, per the CAQH CORE voting process, only implementers of electronic transactions can vote at the Final Vote level. For any questions, please contact CAQH CORE staff at

The CAQH CORE Participant Final Vote on the Draft Phase IV CAQH CORE 278 Infrastructure Rule Update Package will be open 
from Monday, 11/11/19 to Wednesday, 12/04/19.