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CAQH CORE Price Transparency Series

Join CAQH CORE for an update on continued efforts to support industry implementation of price transparency regulations, including the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) requirements in the No Surprises Act. The GFE requirement under the No Surprises Act aims to give patients and consumers a clear sense of what upcoming health care services will cost, however has presented various operational challenges and ambiguity for stakeholders.

Our guest speakers will engage in a live discussion providing insights on key topics including:

  • The latest policy updates related to GFE, including the recent request for information and recommendations to inform rulemaking
  • The industry status on approaches for implementing various components of the GFE requirements included in the No Surprises Act
  • First-hand experience with implementation within provider organizations including success stories and lessons learned
  • Considerations for technology and standards


Rany El Diwany Director Product Management, Front Desk: Patient Pay, athenahealth

Kevin Mulcahy Senior Director Provider and Payer Service, Massachusetts General Physician Organization