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Certifying Local Government Plans: Voluntary CORE Certification Webinar with San Francisco Health Plan

Please note - all registrants will receive a copy of the webinar slide deck and recording after the event.

Trend alert:  More and more county and municipal governments are seeking CORE Certification for the health plans they administer.  Why?  Like all other health plans, these local entities seek to offer the most accurate administrative healthcare transactions for their providers, and operate efficient programs that support their mission and benefit their citizens.  San Francisco Health Plan is a primary example of that legacy of service:  it provides Medicaid, Healthy Kids and Healthy Workers benefits to more than 140,000 San Franciscans through a network of more than 600 primary care and 2800+ specialty physicians, and recently achieved voluntary CORE Certification for Phases I-III.  

What gave a local government health plan the idea to get CORE-certified, and why now? Get an insider look as San Francisco Health Plan shares its CORE Certification journey. Register for this webinar to learn about CORE Certification benefits and why in particular state and local Medicaid agencies and similar government entities are becoming an ever-growing segment of CORE Certification.  If you are responsible for administering a state, county or municipal government health care plan, you’ll definitely want to tune in for this special CAQH CORE webinar.

This call is open to all non-CORE and CORE Participants and is for informational purposes only; no voting or decisions will occur. If you have any questions, please contact