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Delivering Value through Electronic Healthcare Attachments

Attachments link patient-specific clinical data to companion administrative transactions, supporting the adjudication of claims, prior authorizations and other interactions. The exchange of clinical information from provider to payer has become highly manual and a source of enormous administrative burden in the absence of a federal standard. Industry implementation of electronic attachments should help to ease the healthcare system workflow and reduce administrative costs once the industry aligns on standards and business rules to enable stakeholders to be able to transition from manual to more automated methods for sending attachments. 
As there are indications that a federal attachments standard may be forthcoming, CAQH CORE Participating Organizations are invited to join this webinar to hear key findings from the CAQH CORE attachments environmental scan, including:    

  • Current state of attachments in the industry.
  • Industry challenges for implementing electronic attachments.
  • Potential opportunities for rule development.

In addition, learn ways CAQH CORE is working on implementable solutions to support the adoption of electronic attachment transactions and ways for your organization to engage in this effort.
This call is open to CAQH CORE Participants only. For any questions, please contact CAQH CORE staff at