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Prior Authorization Automation Case Study Webinar with Cleveland Clinic, PriorAuthNow and CAQH CORE

CAQH CORE, together with Cleveland Clinic and PriorAuthNow (PAN), is pleased to share initial findings highlighting the impact of greater prior authorization (PA) automation and workflow integration leveraging standards and operating rules at Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic will share how the implementation of an integrated PA solution is improving the ability of staff to conduct PAs and creating a more efficient process.

This is the first case study webinar in a series related to the CAQH CORE Prior Authorization Pilot & Measurement Initiative, which works with industry organizations to measure the impact of standards and operating rules on efficiency metrics and staff experience.

What will you learn by registering for this webinar?

  • Learn more about Cleveland Clinic’s prior authorization experience, implementation of the PriorAuthNow solution, and its commitment to prior authorization standardization.
  • Hear about the impact that enhanced automation leveraging standards and operating rules has on provider staff administrative burden and satisfaction, as well as other metrics.
  • Discuss how the operating rules and associated standards enable a more optimized prior authorization process and can seamlessly integrate into the provider workflow.


  • Daniel Medve, Director, Revenue Cycle Management, Cleveland Clinic
  • Dan Dedels, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations, PriorAuthNow
  • Bob Bowman, Director, CAQH CORE
  • Kristine Burnaska, Director, CAQH Explorations
  • Rachel Goldstein, Senior Manager, CAQH CORE