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Training Session on Annual Industry Opportunity to Make Changes to the CAQH CORE Code Combinations – the 2015 Market Based Review

The CAQH CORE 360: Uniform Use of CARCs and RARCs Rule provides uniformity in the use of claim payment adjustment/denial codes in defined universal business scenarios. The Market-based Review is the industry’s annual opportunity to make adjustments to the CORE Code Combinations to address ongoing and evolving business needs. The 2015 CAQH CORE Market-based Adjustment Form (2015 MBR Form) submission period will begin in early December. This training session will provide information regarding the 2015 CAQH CORE Market Based Review process, guidance on completing the online 2015 MBR Form, and a live demo of the online 2015 MBR Form. All CORE Participants plus non-CORE Participants that create, use, or transmit HIPAA-covered transactions may submit potential Market-based adjustments for consideration by the CAQH CORE Code Combinations Task Group (CCTG).