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Voluntary CAQH CORE Certification National Webinar with Alabama Medicaid Agency

Why should a State Medicaid Agency pursue Voluntary CORE Certification? Register for this webinar to learn about CORE Certification and whether it is appropriate for your type of organization. And get an insider look at the experience of a recent CORE-certified entity, Alabama Medicaid Agency, who has completed all three Voluntary CORE Certification Phases. 

This call is open to all non-CORE and CORE Participants and is for informational purposes only; no voting or decisions will occur. If you have any questions, please contact


CAQH CORE is a national multi-stakeholder initiative that streamlines electronic healthcare administrative data exchange and improves health plan-provider interoperability through an integrated model of operating rule development, adoption and maintenance. CAQH CORE has been designated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an author for ACA-mandated operating rules. To learn more about CAQH CORE, visit