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Voluntary EFT/ERA CAQH CORE Certification National Webinar with MaineCare and PNC HealthCare

Why should a State Medicaid Agency become CAQH CORE-certified? Why would a clearinghouse seek CAQH CORE Certification? The fact is that CAQH CORE Certification benefits a multitude of stakeholder types. Join us on August 11th to learn more and get an insider look at the experiences of these recent CORE-certified entities. And get helpful tips from CAQH CORE-authorized Testing Vendor EDIFECS who will perform a live demo of their test site.

What will you learn?

  • MaineCare and PNC Healthcare representatives will describe their recent experiences with the CAQH CORE Certification process, including their best practices and lessons learned, and resulting benefits to their EFT/ERA transaction systems from each of their unique perspectives.
  • CAQH CORE staff will describe ways to navigate the complexities of trading partner coordination and trading partner role identification for maximum testing and certification success.
  • EDIFECS will do live testing of its CAQH CORE-authorized testing site and offer tips on how to ensure that the CAQH CORE Certification testing process goes smoothly.

Who Should Attend?

All entities interested in voluntary CAQH CORE Certification are welcome to attend this educational webinar, especially those interested in EFT/ERA. If you have questions, please contact


CAQH CORE is a national multi-stakeholder initiative that streamlines electronic healthcare administrative data exchange and improves health plan-provider interoperability through an integrated model of operating rule development, adoption and maintenance. CAQH CORE has been designated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as an author for ACA-mandated operating rules. To learn more about CAQH CORE, visit