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X12 and CAQH CORE Webinar Series: Introduction to the 278 Transaction, Standard and Operating Rules

The ASC X12N Health Care Services Review – Request for Review and Response (278) is a paired transaction set. This transaction set is also known informally by other names, such as Referral or Prior Authorization. The 278 is used throughout the healthcare marketplace by providers to electronically submit prior authorization and referral requests. CAQH CORE Operating Rules for Prior Authorization help the industry effectively utilize the 278 transaction to further standardize and automate components of the prior authorization process.
Join us on April 30th for the next installment in the joint webinar series with the standards development organization, X12, and HHS-designated operating rule author, CAQH CORE.
What will you learn by registering for this webinar?

  • Receive an orientation on the X12 278 standard transaction.
  • Review the benefits of using the 278 transaction to automate and streamline the prior authorization process – one of the most time-consuming and costly administrative burdens for providers and payers.
  • Learn how the CAQH CORE Operating Rules for Prior Authorization enable further automation and faster response times for providers and payers.


  • X12:
    • Bruce Bellefeuille, Project Manager, Aetna
    • Luann Hetherington, Senior Compliance Analyst, Highmark
    • Megan Soccorso, Industry Engagement Senior Specialist – EDI Lead, Cigna
    • Robert Bowman, Director