CAQH ProView for Groups - Health Plans

Faster, more acccurate provider enrollment and directory updates

CAQH ProView for Groups streamlines the process of receiving roster data from delegated provider groups. Get access to clean, standardized, updated rosters in one convenient location for faster, more accurate directory updates.


Simplify workflows

Download standardized rosters from delegated groups on demand via a secure web portal in a machine-readable format designed to reduce the time it takes to process them. CAQH ProView for Groups automatically tracks data changes between roster submissions, so there is never a need to track down another change report.

Keep directories more up to date

Rosters submitted through CAQH ProView for Groups must pass more than 180 data quality checks. These safeguards catch the most common errors that hold up enrollment and directory updates. Better data allows staff to spend less time manually reviewing roster submissions and make directory updates more easily.

Receiving high-quality data in a standard format means health plan staff can spend less time chasing and reviewing rosters and more time on higher-impact responsibilities.


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