CAQH ProView for Groups - Health Plans

CAQH ProView® now includes data from both individual providers and delegated groups

CAQH ProView has expanded to streamline the process of sharing and maintaining data between delegated provider groups and health plans. With the addition of CAQH ProView for Groups, plans now have access to clean, standardized, updated rosters in one convenient location for faster, more accurate directory updates.

Empower your delegated groups to deliver high-quality data

Groups input their provider data into a single, standard roster file format, then upload it to a centralized portal. The solution automatically performs more than 100 quality checks, requiring delegates to correct errors before the roster is finalized. 

Delegated provider data, simplified

The system automatically calculates a change report, showing plans when updated provider rosters are available.  Plans can access provider data for each delegated group in one place, in one automation-ready format.

Speed directory updates and improve their accuracy

Plans receive high quality, plan-specific data in a standard output file format, reducing manual review, facilitating simpler, faster updates to provider directories and enabling staff to do more with their limited time.

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