CAQH ProView for Health Plans and Health Systems

CAQH ProView® is the trusted electronic solution and industry standard for capturing and sharing healthcare provider self-reported information.

CAQH ProView is helping simplify additional administrative processes requiring demographic and professional provider data. Today, almost 1,000 health plans, hospitals and providers groups use CAQH ProView to streamline credentialing, improve network provider directories, and speed claims processing and adjudication. 

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Health Plans, Hospitals, and Provider Groups

CAQH ProView has complete, up-to-date information available from every type of healthcare provider delivering health and wellness services. More than 1.4 million physicians and other providers already enter and maintain a wide range of information within CAQH ProView.

  • Reduce time and resources needed for credentialing, network directory maintenance and other administrative functions requiring provider data.
  • Real-time system validation of select provider data against industry sources reduces incorrect data entry, decreasing delays in data processing.
  • New application programming interface (API) capabilities provides access to provider data through real-time web services.
  • Secure electronic exchange of roster and provider data (extract) files, with roster exception reporting and customizable extract reports. Flexibility to receive provider data in multiple formats: ASCII, XML or PDF.
  • Benefit from ongoing system enhancements, including introduction of new data fields. 
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