Dentist FAQs

Does it cost anything to use CAQH ProView?

There is no cost for dentists and other health care providers to use CAQH ProView.

Do I need to be an ADA member to participate?

No, any U.S. practicing dentist can participate. If you are a non-member and would like to get started, click here to learn more about how to log in.

Why does CAQH ProView ask for such detailed professional and practice information?

Detailed practice information helps ensure that CAQH ProView participating dental plans and other healthcare organizations can obtain all the information they need without having to conduct any follow up with physicians or other healthcare providers. The form's broad scope also ensures that participating organizations can better maintain and improve provider directories and data systems.

How long should it take to complete my profile in CAQH ProView?

Once you’ve gathered all your documents, the process of completing your CAQH ProView profile should take you about an hour, or longer if you have more information to provide. Once you have attested, your file and documents will be reviewed by CAQH, a process that will take a few days. After that it will be available to the organizations you have authorized.

Do I need to complete my entire profile?

Yes, you must complete all profile questions; however, the system is designed to allow you to complete your profile over time. You can stop any time, save what you have completed, and return later to finish the process. The entire profile must be completed prior to your attestation to its accuracy, and before the participating dental plans and other participating organizations you have authorized can access it.

Is ADA sharing all the information within MY ADA profile with CAQH ProView? Is CAQH ProView sharing all my information with ADA?

No, only certain data elements are being shared between the two systems. Select information from My ADA will initially pre-populate your CAQH ProView profile, reducing the time required for you to enter data. In the future, when you update your information within CAQH ProView, the system will share that select data with MY ADA, helping ensure that your professional and practice information stays consistent in both places, and reducing your administrative time and burden.

Can any dental plan access my data?

No, you control who has access to your information – and participating organizations are not allowed access without your authorization. When completing the CAQH ProView profile, you will be asked to select which dental plans and other participating organizations you give authorization to access your data. Most healthcare providers allow all participating plans and organizations to access their data.  Only the plans you’re contracted will have access to your information.

How do I know if the dental plans I contract with are using CAQH ProView? What if they are not currently participating?

A current list of dental plans participating in CAQH ProView is available here. New plans are joining all the time, so please check the list often. If your contracted dental plans are not participating in CAQH ProView, ask them to do so.

Do I need to notify dental plans participating in CAQH ProView that I have completed my CAQH ProView profile?

No. Dental plans and other participating organizations that you authorize to view completed data will automatically be notified by CAQH.

What does it mean to “attest” to my data in CAQH ProView?

After you enter your professional and practice data within CAQH ProView, you must personally attest to its accuracy.

What if my practice information changes?

You should always keep your practice information, and other professional data, up-to-date in CAQH ProView. This is especially important when that information is used to update provider directories of health and dental plans. You may log into ADA/org/godigital and make updates at any time. However, you will be required to review your data and re-attest to its accuracy every 120 days. The CAQH ProView system will send you reminders by email about the need to review and re-attest.

I recently received an email from CAQH ProView, asking me to re-attest to my profile. What does that mean?

After you complete your CAQH ProView profile, the system will notify you every 120 days to re-attest that all information is still correct and complete – or to update it if not. This enables a dentist’s contracted dental plans to access CAQH ProView profile information based on their different re-credentialing cycles. Please note that a dental plan or other participating organization will be unable to access your data unless you have completed the re-attestation process.

Does this mean I need to completely revise my profile every 120 days?

No, you only need to review the information already in your profile that you previously completed, update any information that has changed and re-attest to its accuracy. In most cases, this will only take a few minutes.

Does my profile created in CAQH ProView meet the NCQA requirements for credentialing application content in CR3, Element C?

Yes, the NCQA website clarifies that CAQH ProView system data meets the requirements in CR3, Element C, and is acceptable in either electronic or PDF format. There is no automatic credit for the application. NCQA reviews CAQH ProView output against the appropriate elements.

Whom can I contact for help or if I have any questions about CAQH ProView?

Within CAQH ProView, you can click the chat icon at the top of any page to ask a question. You can also call:

  • The ADA Member Service Center at 800.621.8099.  Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (CT) or via email at
  • CAQH Help Desk at 888-599-1771. Monday – Thursday: 7 AM – 9 PM (ET) and Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM (ET)
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