Spend less time on roster updates

CAQH ProView for Groups makes it easy for delegated provider groups and health plans to share data for provider enrollment, delegation oversight, and directory maintenance—and it’s absolutely free for provider groups. 

Exclusively for delegated groups

ProView for Groups is only for provider groups that have contracts with health plans to conduct credentialing on their behalf, often referred to as a delegation arrangement.  



Not sure if your group is delegated? Delegated groups: 

  • Typically have at least 150 providers, and most have many more than that. 
  • Do primary source verification.  
  • Have a committee that meets on a regular basis to make credentialing decisions. 
  • Send rosters and change reports to health plans. 
  • Submit to yearly audits by health plans of credentialing processes. 

If your group does not have these characteristics, you are probably not delegated, and CAQH ProView might be a better option for your credentialing needs. 

Simplified workflow

With ProView for Groups, you send one standardized roster to all participating health plans via a secure web portal. Once you authorize health plans to see your roster, they can download the information from the portal on demand. ProView for Groups tracks data changes between roster submissions, so you never need to send a change report. 

Improved data accuracy

ProView for Groups puts rosters through nearly 200 data quality checks that catch the most common mistakes that hold up enrollment and directory updates. You get an automatically generated error report, making it easy for you to fix mistakes before submitting a roster. 

Greater transparency

ProView for Groups shows the exact time and date that each plan downloads a file, so you know can rest assured that your roster was received.  

Free for provider groups 

There is no cost to provider groups to use ProView for Groups. Simply sign up for a demo webinar to learn more about how it works. 

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