A Primary Source Verification Process You Can Trust

CAQH has collaborated with health plans to develop a ground-breaking solution that reduces the burden – for health plans and providers – of authenticating the accuracy and completeness of provider information to support credentialing decisions. 

VeriFide™, the industry leading primary source verification solution for healthcare organization, returns 95% of initial provider files within 11-14 days, with 98.5% accuracy and completeness while providing insight into the PSV process. 

An NCQA-certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), the service improves the quality, speed, and integrity of data provided to plans while reducing the overlapping, non-differentiating business processes associated with credentialing.

The credentialing process is not only improved by VeriFide, it is transformed by automated technologies, and economies of scale.

Leveraging self-reported data from more than 1.6 million provider profiles within CAQH ProView, VeriFide deploys advanced technology, in concert with skilled staff, to compare provider information with primary data sources for accuracy.

Credentialing departments remain connected through every aspect of the credentialing process.  The VeriFide Portal provides deep insights into the PSV process while empowering users to initiate and subscribe to services, review the status of individual providers or grouping, as well as download reports.

Through simplifying the administrative processes associated with data verification, healthcare organization and providers experience significant benefits:  

  • Increased file accuracy and completeness
  • Data quality confidence
  • Improved provider file turnaround time and a reduced credentialing cycle
  • Scalability 
  • Decreased administrative burden and confusion caused by outreach from multiple plans.
  • Reduced time from credentialing to network participation and payment.

For more information or a demonstration of how the solution will complement your provider credentialing efforts, contact a member the PSV team at

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